eggs in a basket

shades of robin's egg + brown egg + classic eggshell

The stress level of an art major is highly underestimated. The stereotypical image is that we artists lounge around in an unlit, unwashed studio at all hours, lazily dragging on cigarettes as the pungent fumes of oil paint and cheap Marlboros coat the air.

Not the case.

I can’t speak for all artists, but I do know that I, for one, do not fit that stereotype. Sure, it may seem like I have spare time from the amount of How I Met Your Mother episodes I’ve watched on Netflix, but it’s merely a mirage produced by everyone’s good friend Procrastination. The fact is, I actually have hours of art assignments a day. Sometimes I even think it’s a tad excessive. I’ve always had the desire to create art on my own time, but deadlines and letter grades make it all seem so academic and ordinary. As the end of my first college year nears, I find myself wondering if my love of art will be squashed once I finish my four years.

Hopefully that’s not the case.

I hope that art will always have a place in my life, I just haven’t decided where that place will be yet.

On my mind: Holding grudges is a pointless act. Life is far too short to harbor negativity toward someone, especially when you may not get to see them tomorrow.

On myself: A sleeveless, vertical striped shirt. I’m all about collared shirts right now. It adds an instant element of professionalism. I just HAD to buy this one because it happens to be extra soft and striped with my favorite neutral combo– cream and camel. Always a classic. The shoes are new as well, bought on a recent trip to the Australian chain store Cotton On. I have way too many ballet flats in my collection already, but I needed a spring-toned pair, which is a departure from my tried-and-true black flats.

A little bit of stop motion:

Although I bitched about the amount of art homework I get, this animation is the result of an assignment I had today that I actually ended up liking.


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