wednesday’s wish list: six things I want right now



Geode necklace

For my jewelry box: this earthy geode necklace from etsy would be absolutely perfect for adding an organic element to this summer’s bright, flashy colors. (



Fringe bikini

I’ve been seeing these fringed bikini tops all over Pinterest lately and I’m dying to get one myself. This heather gray suit is a sophisticated take on the trend.


More free time to lay out in the sun and actually get some use out of that fringe bikini.



Chevron rings

Alright, I have a pretty major jewelry obsession so I couldn’t resist including a second piece to my wish list. These tiny chevron rings are too precious. Also, I’m in the process of building a collection of delicate rings so I can wear one on every finger– these would be perfect.



Top Shop Lipstick in Ohh La La

Lately I’ve been more adventurous with my lip color. I used to be an au-natural lip color kinda girl, but now I swipe on some hot pink or crimson whenever I get the chance. A lot of times it doesn’t exactly fit the occasion per se, but I don’t think there’s anything terribly wrong with wearing magenta lipstick to buy groceries… This coral shade from Top Shop is too lovely to pass up. ([orange]&noOfRefinements=1&_$ja=tsid:21416%7Cprd:TnL5HPStwNw&siteID=TnL5HPStwNw-6Hkp_V6MxmysqxlYn_2V8g)



Glitter cookies

I do a double-take every time I spot something that sparkles, so imagine my delight when I stumbled upon these glittering, girly cookies from The Glitter Guide’s website. I know it’s Girl Scout season, so everyone’s drooling over Samoa’s and Thin Mints, but I’d pick these sprinkled cookies over boxed Tagalongs any day. Too cute.

On my mind:  Worrying does nothing but add excess stress.


On my playlist: “Rock & Roll” by Eric Hutchinson. It’s nothing new, but today it came up on my Pandora and immediately became that one song I put on repeat all day long.

On myself:



3 thoughts on “wednesday’s wish list: six things I want right now

  1. I love those chevron rings! I am planning on hopping on the bandwagon of delicate rings too!

    I also love your outfit! Especially the necklace you are wearing! 🙂

      • Ohh I have been meaning to go to a vintage/antique store to look for some cool jewelry! I need to go to one ASAP and find me some nice jewelry!

        I used to be into statement rings too, but they look really weird on me since I have short fingers… 😦 I am so excited about shopping for delicate rings! It’s so much easier to mix and match them!

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