wearable art

The chain of inspiration is cyclical. Architecture inspires art, art inspires fashion, fashion can inspire architecture., and so forth. I find the whole process of inspiration incredibly intriguing, and I love seeing where designers gather their own person inspiration. My favorite is when they reveal their inspiration boards filled with magazine clippings, world photos, pieces of nature, etc. By seeing their entire thought process on one surface area you feel an intimate connection with the designer as well as their pieces, as if you were by their side while they drafted and conceptualized each dress for the line.

Because of this obsession I have with the inspiration process, I decided to try it for myself. I found a piece I really enjoyed from artist Jill Bliss and used the emotions and colors from the piece to create a wearable work of art.

Here’s the piece, titled “Gymnocalycium Succulents”


gymnocalycium succulents print by Jill Bliss

And here’s the inspired outfit:


On my mind: You can’t keep reliving the past and expect things to change; always be forward-thinking and you can change your own future.

On myself:


Coral and periwinkle, my favorite beachy combination. And of course some nautical stripes

Oh PS check out my stop motion project:


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