wearable art: butterfly print

I enjoyed creating my first art-inspired outfit so much that I decided to go for round two. This time my inspiration came from one of my own pieces– a multimedia creation I call “Butterfly Season”.


Here’s the outfit I put together; easy, breezy, and perfect for summer from head to toe:

providence necklace

Providence Necklace- From Esther Boutique

engagement cardi jacket- orange



Erin Fetherston maxi dress. Flows so beautifully

St Tropez Mustard wedges
Anya Hindmarch clutch with dark sparkles
On my wishlist: Practically every item from this Australian clothing company I just discovered, Esther. The company was started by a young fashionista who ended up garnering international fame. Every single piece in her boutique is wonderfully chic, with a hint of that cool-Australian-surfer-girl vibe.
On my mind: All you really need is that one special person who you can trust your life with.
On myself: Fabulous cheetah print nails done by my very talented, very patient friend Erin.

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