by the lake

Sometimes the modern world gets the best of us and we lose sight of natural beauty. We prefer the stark headlights of our BMWs to the constellations, and we sit idly as we watch forests of billboards and skyscrapers shoot up and take root where pines and oaks once sat. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate big city dreams and the sleek, urban look as much as the next Michael-Kors-wearing, Starbuck’s sipping gal. But at the same time I think it would be a shame to utterly neglect the nature around us. After all, the grass and the sky is where it all began. There would be no trendy camel trench coats if nature didn’t provide wind chills that made us shiver and shake and yearn for a protective layer. Ray bans would be frivolous if there was no scorching summer sun. Rainboots would just look flat out stupid.

Certainly the modern world has evolved fashion, but nature is the blueprint. As a way of paying homage to our great Mother, I created an outfit inspired by an afternoon I spent by the lake the other week.





Tomahawk Feather Necklace, from

Bartolomea floral-print silk-chiffon blouse, By Malene Birger

Belted gabardine shorts, Carven

Patent-leather wedges, Mulberry

Finally, orange-red lipstick to complete the look. So fresh


On my mind: Always weigh the risks before you act.


2 thoughts on “by the lake

  1. Oh my goodness…again with the amazing necklace. I’ve been looking all over in stores for something with feathers that doesn’t look…cheap. You know? Cute outfit!

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