moving mountains


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As my first year of college comes to a close, I find myself with the daunting task of packing up my dorm room and squeezing my mountain of belongings into my two-door clown car for the journey home. The move-out date — April 27, yea, tomorrow — has been pencilled on my calendar for months now, yet I woke up this morning without a single box packed. And then instead of productivity, of course I chose more procrastination today. I spent the day doing everything I possibly could to avoid actually packing — filling up my gas tank, organizing my photos and documents into precise files, I even took a trip to Goodwill. Yea that’s right, I bought more clothes which requires more packing. I really thought that one out.


My ginormous pile of stuff

As I sifted through the racks at Goodwill, wasting more minutes away, I realized maybe I was avoiding packing so excessively was because I was actually avoiding change. Of course I can’t wait to go back home, but at the same time I’ve become so accustomed to my surroundings that the thought of yet another adjustment seems strange and foreign. I feel sort of nomad-ish, roaming to and fro from town to town, not knowing which place to call my true home — is it the place where I sleep or the place I grew up in for eighteen years?

Its a confusing thing when so many changes happen so quickly, especially when you’ve been thrown into an entirely new town on your own. You just want things to slow down, to stop changing so quickly, to stop changing entirely.

But things have to change. People aren’t mountains, we can’t stay in the same place, in the same way for eternity. As the world changes we have to cope and adjust to it and change as well. Not necessarily change our own selves, but grow. As I look back on my past year in my new town, I’d say I’m proud of the growth I’ve achieved, and I’m proud of the mountain I’ve climbed. And in the end I’ve decided my true home isn’t where I sleep; its the place where I can be with the ones I love, and where I can grow with them together. ❤ SB

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J Crew chambray shirt, Charlotte Russe necklace, Forever21 shirt, Bullhead denim shorts.
*The trick to denim on denim is making sure the two pieces are very different shades of denim. Otherwise you'll look like you never escaped the '90s...

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3 thoughts on “moving mountains

  1. Oh I feel ya on the moving thing. I my first year in the dorms – I had SO MUCH STUFF because I wanted it to feel homey, and then moving out was like a hurricane. Now, after 4 years of shit accumulation, as well as an upgrade to apartment living (now I own stuff for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, porch)… I stay awake at night thinking about how this place needs to be cleaned out by May 24th. I really liked your quote “But things have to change. People aren’t mountains, we can’t stay in the same place, in the same way for eternity”. It really resonates with me due to my impending college graduation. I am officially finished with academia tomorrow, and as excited as I’ve been for this moment, well, all semester, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about the end of my college career. It really is the best time of your life, so please enjoy every minute (I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that). Also, cute outfit, and love the Brit and JT throwback. xoxo

    • haha that was exactly my thought process! I wanted it to be like my own little house but I definitely overestimated the room size. Thank you so much for your comment! And I wish you luck with your after-college life! Congratulations!

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