room for style

Room from Graham Moss's book "Our House"

When it comes to decorating, the important things aren’t whether or not the end tables have proper “feng shui,” or if the gold doorknobs noticeably clash with the silver drawer pulls. The important thing is that the room reflects your own personal style. Everyday that you step into your house you should feel a sense of belonging, a feeling that each room is an extension of your style.

I’m hoping to achieve this style harmony in the fall when I move into my new apartment. No longer will I be confined to the mold-infested concrete walls of my dorm room, where painting was forbidden and every piece of furniture looked and smelled like it was from the 1970s. In my interior-decorating-excitement, I took to Pinterest earlier today to find inspiration for colors, themes, and DIY projects that I could apply to my room.

My interior decorating pinboard (yes, I have an obsession with Pinterest)

In the midst of my search for style stimulation, I stumbled across a design book entitled “Our House” by Australian decorator Graham Moss. In the book, Moss documents a variety of eclectically stylish rooms, all inside New York homes.

More from the book

 The use of colors and fine details really caught my eye, especially the following room which features a full wall of individually framed silhouettes. It feels so vintage yet so fresh. I fell in love — so much in love that I now plan on making my own wall of frames for my apartment bedroom.
I felt that my love for this room should be expressed further, so I made an outfit based on the colors and style:

Floral jacket: Dolce & Gabbana
Striped maxi: Topshop
Pink-trimmed wedges: Aldo
Cameo earrings: Tom Binns
Straw clutch: Felix Rey

On my mind: Little acts of kindness you do for others can brighten up your own day as well.


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