on a fashionable note: earn your stripes

From nautical sailors to le francais mimes, stripes have historically served as costumes for many types of people. Now they have a new costume– your go-to chic look. Stripes are quite possibly the easiest pattern to pull off, sometimes striped pieces can even act as a neutral. But since neutrals can be so tame and boring, I’ve pushed the limits of this classic pattern and created a few looks to inspire and be admired.


Understated beiges and peach tones create a refined appearance in this girly outfit. Look for a striped dress with an elegant A-line for a feminine vibe, then cover up with a classic coat. Finish with wild leopard print pumps and precious gold stud earrings.


Consistency is key for this bold, head-to-toe striped look. If you opt for separates instead of a maxi dress, be absolutely sure that the style and color of the stripes of each piece are on point! To unite the two, shrug on a blazer of the same color, but a different texture, like this satin Reed Krakoff. Then add a final dash of color with a bright contrasting clutch.


This last look is the epitome of pushing the boundaries of patterns. Start with a simple striped long-sleeved tee, which is perfect for an easy-going weekend outfit. Then, go big and add a pair of animal print shorts in a similar color palette. (This Michael Kors pair is absolute perfection!) Finally, continue with the punk theme with some extra high stilettos and a chunky chain necklace, like this to-die-for Lanvin piece.

On my mind: Never be ashamed to be the person you want to be.
On my canvas: 
The very first stages of a new painting I started today — working on creating the perfect skin tone. Not too sure what direction I want it to go in yet.

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