weekend wishlist: five fancy things for summer


I’ve never really been into the lace trend, but these high-waisted shorts have something different about them. The playful daisy pattern is perfect for summer days downtown, and the cream color is a great balance for the hot colors of the season (mint, tangerine, and sunflower yellow).


Recently I’ve had a fascination with dainty rings — an opposition to statement rings if you will — and above-the-knuckle rings, also called tea rings or memory rings as they are meant to remind you to do something, are my newest subcategory obsession. They look mysterious and foreign to me, almost suggestive of a gypsy palm reader or an Arabian princess. Nevertheless, I must have one. Or three.


These 6-inch, polly calf hair Charlotte Olympia pumps are $1,250. One thousand, two hundred and fifty dollars. Let’s just take a second to process that. That amount of money could most likely pay for textbooks for the rest of my college career, or two and a half months of rent in my apartment, or groceries for 16 weeks. But in all honesty, if I suddenly acquired a check for exactly $1,250, I know where it would end up — Ms. Olympia’s bank account.



It seems that nail art is all the rage — from Rihanna and Katy Perry’s bedazzled, gold-dipped tips to entire Pinterest boards devoted to DIY ombre nails. I’m not really into the idea of having checkerboards and cat faces drawn on my nails with toothpicks, but I find this gold-trimmed style to be a chic, fresh interpretation of the nail art trend. And it seems relatively simple to accomplish.


I always prefer natural-looking gems to polished ones, and these Phillips Frankel earrings are no exception. I love how the earthy spots of these Leopard jasper and champagne diamond earrings are reminiscent of 101 Dalmations, and I think the pair would be absolute perfection with a sleek black evening dress and a messy bun.


On my mind: “Turn your dreaming into doing”.

On myself: Chartreuse J. Crew sweater, crisp white Isaac Mizrahi shorts with gold piping, and black enamel necklace from BCBG

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