wearable art: Kari Herer

Kari Herer’s art

Imagine a small town arts and crafts fair — an emptied parking lot filled with a smattering of wooden booths, each boasting a variety of goods ranging from homemade herb-scented soap bars to handsewn leather sandals to crocheted cozies intended to cover every single household item you’ve ever owned.

Peppermint-Tea Tree Luffa Soap from etsy.com (Find it here), Vintage Leather Flat Sandals, (Too cute), Crocheted dress (Here)

Now imagine that same crafts fair with a lot more sophistication and a lot less banjo music and folksy wooden sculptures of forest animals, and you’ve got etsy.com. Since discovering this website full of truly one-of-a-kind pieces, I’ve made a lot of fantastic jewelry purchases. My favorite to this date is this quartz crystal necklace featuring an old bullet casing:

My favorite dangerous accessory, from etsy shop Rachel van Doll

In addition to pages on pages of trendy, vintage-inspired jewelry, I also turn to Etsy for fresh, undiscovered artists with unconventional viewpoints. My latest find was Kari Herer, a botanical photographer who producers gorgeous prints. Although she seems to specialize in floral arrangements, I love her pieces that combine loose illustration with real life, vividly pink roses and golden dahlias. The result of the floral fusion is bright, friendly, and eye-catching pieces that I would absolutely love to cover every wall in my apartment.

Some of Kari Herer’s illustrations (Herer’s Etsy shop)

Although my decided favorite of Herer’s work is this mixed media piece with the straight-forward title, “No. 9894 fox and flower,”:

The gorgeous “No. 9894 fox and flower”

This print inspired me to create the following outfit for summer:

Coral Equipment button down, bold Dolce and Gabbana floral shorts, sparkling chartreuse Marc by Marc Jacobs studs, Kenneth Jay Lane cocktail ring, Philip Lim fox belt, and Aldo wedges

PS: Speaking of Etsy, I also have my own shop on the site if you’re curious 🙂

Prints from my own Etsy shop (Me!)

On my mind: Never lose hope for something that you want most.

On myself: BCBG mint tee, Forever21 high-waisted shorts, vintage coral necklace

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