color obsession: coral


Deer heads featuring coral (etsy shop)

While the coral trend is certainly nothing new, it appears to be completely dominating the fashion world lately. These days it seems as if you can’t turn the corner without bumping into a chic fashionista donning a coral-toned maxi skirt or a real-life coral necklace hanging from her poised neck.

In fact just the other day I walked into a store and found myself carrying not one but FIVE hangers of coral-colored tops back to the dressing room with me.


Please excuse my myspace-worthy camera phone shots…

Then it dawned on me that my fingernails were painted the same shade — coral — as were my lips. Coral was literally surrounding me.

But in a sea of fashionable coral, how can you possibly stand out? Well, pairing the shade with some unexpected pops of color certainly helps:

Coral and chartreuse: two of summer’s beachiest colors. Like raspberry lemonade with a squeeze of sour lime to awaken the taste buds, this color combo ensures you’ll stand out from the crowd — in the chicest possible way, of course.


Both BCBG outfits

Coral and mint: Like a cluster of coral washed upon the shore in a wave of foamy sea, these two colors just naturally compliment each other.


Victoria Beckham outfit, Tory Burch dresses, and Kate Collins interior

Coral and Pale Pink: Obviously the tamest of the color pairings, but nevertheless this duo is still summery and stylish.


Christian Siriano runway, Nancy Ramirez flamingo print, and LEIF leather bow cuff bracelets

On myself: Kira coral top (you might recognize it from my fitting room shot; I ended up buying this adorable collared shirt, aka my “mullet shirt”…cropped in front, long in the back), Vans white pants, Forever21 beaded necklace, and Aldo faux snakeskin clutch


On my mind: Everyone needs somebody to lean on from time to time. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed when you have to turn to another person.

12 thoughts on “color obsession: coral

  1. love the coral and mint, had never thought to put the two colours together! have been meaning to get a coral nail varnish but haven’t found one of a nice shade really. Anyways, love the post!

    • Thank you! I think the two colors look so fresh together! I found a great coral at Ulta a few months ago, I’m not sure if they still have it but they have a lot of pretty summer colors in their Ulta line!

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