weekend wishlist: minty fresh


Caviar nails — named for the delectably exquisite sea morsels they resemble — seem to be the rage lately. They’ve been spotted on the runway at Cushnie et Ochs and now they’re taking over Pinterest boards. To recreate the look is actually a fairly simple process, involving only regular nail polish and a special serving of glistening microbeads on top. Unfortunately, these sprinkled beauties only last 48 hours tops, but for those two days your nails will be the fanciest they’ve ever been. Currently I’m waiting for the absolute perfect occasion to adorn my own nails in this fabulous trend.


This peekaboo dress shows off the grown up side of lacy pastels, while still maintaining an innocent, angelic appeal. This seafoam frock would be great for a weekend brunch, complete with a fishtail braid, strappy sandals and some gold accents.


I’ll admit it, I’m a cat fanatic. Not quite crazy cat lady status — I’ve got a few decades till that one — but show me a picture of any cat, kitten, or kitty and I’ll “awwww” right away. So when I spotted this teeny little cat ring from Les Pommettes, I immediately had to have it. It would be the perfect addition to my tiny ring collection, and this way I’ll never be far from an adorable kitty — it’ll be right at my fingertips.



A thin stiletto heel is a forever classic style — that will certainly never change. But at the moment chunky heels are giving those spindly spikes a run for their money. My favorite type of thick heel is the open-toed sandal kind — it makes the whole look a little more airy so you’re not clomping around with two concrete blocks on the end of your legs. Add a general dose of my favorite color, mint, and you’ve got my most coveted shoe ever (well, at least until I inevitably see another fantastic pair I have to have… it’s a problem).

Rochas Sandals


What could be better than a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake? Ok, maybe a few things come to mind like a new car, a million bucks, whatever. But seriously, just one look at this gorgeous cake and I’d easily choose a slice over that cash. I only wish I had the kitchen skills to whip up this delightful dessert (my only current baking experience involves crispy blackened chocolate chip cookies and squishy, mush-filled muffins. Mmm, delicious right? Yea, I’m working on it.) In the meantime, I’ll keep letting Martha Stewart do her thing and sit back and admire her un-burnt, full cooked results.



Tribal patterns are so hot for summer, but why leave this earthy, ethnic trend to skirts and tops? Anthropologie takes this summer’s trend off the runway and into the home with this bright, playful throw pillow. It’s like Aztec meets acid and I must have it in my room.


On myself: Rory Beca for Forever21 feather printed maxi dress, Kenny Loves Penny sandals. I love this dress, I feel like such a hippie when I wear it.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to my biggest supporter and believer. My mom has encouraged my love of fashion since I could walk, providing me with boxes and boxes of costumes and dress-up material to feed my imagination. She’s taught me all my greatest life lessons, my favorite being the advice that I can do anything I can dream of. And when I fall, she’s always there with a box of tissues, open arms, and open ears to listen. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me, Mom ❤


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