nailed it: DIY glitter trim nails

Inspired by the countless photos of glittery accented nails I’ve seen on Pinterest lately, I decided to try my hand at the trend (pun intended). Mostly I’ve seen sprinkles of silver atop jet black, or gold encrusted nude nails, but I really wanted to amp up this style so I opted for my go-to shade of coral and a coppery gold-flecked glitter coat I just purchased a few days ago.

Some pinterest pix

I decided I didn’t want glitter on the very tips of my nails like a French manicure because we all know that’s the part of the nail that chips first (and once it starts chipping the rest of my polish is a goner — picking at my nails is one of my nervous habits). So instead, I created a kind of reverse French manicure, with the glitter accent along the nail bed.

It was actually a fairly easy process, only requiring a bit of patience and a few of those notebook-hole-doodads, the true name of which is a mystery to all.

Step 1. Choose your base coat and the glitter coat. A few combinations that work well together are gold and coral (like I chose), silver and lavender or blue, or for a bold look try multicolored glitter with white nails.

Step 2. Paint the base coat and let it dry completely. Don’t worry too much if you’ve messed up on the bottoms of the nails, the glitter will cover imperfections.

Step 3. Use scissors to cut the circle stickers in half. You’ll only need five stickers for this whole project, but of course they come in packs of 50+. So maybe try this manicure out on your friends, mom, and sister after this.

Step 4. Decide how much glitter you want showing: if you’re a real glitter-lover, place the sticker higher towards the tip of the nail. For mine, I wanted just a sliver of gold, so I stuck the half-circle pretty close to the nail bed. Also, it’s kind of tricky getting the sticker centered perfectly, but trust me it pays off to get it just right.

Step 5. Place the stickers on all five nails at once, then apply a generous amount of glitter just under the line, making sure not to overstep the boundary. I used two thick coats on mine and it still dried pretty quickly — that’s one thing about glitter polish, it may be rough taking it off, but it dries extremely fast.

Step 6. Once the glitter is completely dry to the touch, peel off the stickers carefully and admire your beautiful nails. And don’t forget the clear top coat!

On myself:ย white fringed top from Kirra, Billabong denim shorts, vintage Raybans. Its a little hard to see since it was so bright outside today, but hey I’m not complaining. It made for a great beach day

I’m also wearing this new necklace I made yesterday when I was on my crafting kick.


2 thoughts on “nailed it: DIY glitter trim nails

  1. Love the nails Elizabeth! I’m currently working on my toes now…using a Sally Hansen’s Sonic Bloom and Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Glitter as a gradient from the base…great idea…LOVE it. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

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