weekend wishlist: fabulous, glamorous, gotta-have-its

On myself: Forever 21 black maxi dress, printed scarf from Charming Charlie, Forever 21 rosette bracelet (I usually love to pile on jewelry, but too many accessories can easily overwhelm a maxi dress; instead let the dress take center stage)

Now without further ado, here’s this week’s wishlist:


Let them eat cake. Marie Antoinette is portrayed as the ultimate icon of glamour. Sure we’ve got Marilyn, Grace, and Audrey; whose poise and polish cannot be denied; but centuries before them came the original superstar. Marie gained fame by employing — and exploiting — her charming personality and beauty, but soon after acquiring the throne she became known as “L’autre-chienne,” which is the French term for skanky bitch. Her life was engulfed by scandal, and she embarked on a downward spiral eerily similar to starlets of today — gambling, shopping addiction, speculated bisexual experimentation, and rampant promiscuity. If she had been alive today, Marie’s face would be plastered all over the supermarket tabloids on a daily basis.

However, despite all this we seem to idolize this woman, dedicating plays and movies in her name, and turning her murderous catchphrase into a humorous saying. Perhaps after centuries passed we have come to see her as merely a pretty face in a frilly wig. By any means, I find myself fascinated with her history, and even more so with this poster, designed by Linda Hordijk. It is the perfect juxtaposition of girly glamour and taboo mysteriousness, just like Marie herself.


Peppy peplum. I’ve shied from the peplum trend for far too long now, and I think it’s about time I embrace this retro silhouette since it seems to be sticking around. At first I was a bit intimidated by the shape — why would you want a tutu of fabric spotlighting your hips, I thought to myself, the number one problem area for all of womankind — but upon seeing the trend on countless runway shows, glamorous celebrities, and fellow bloggers, the style began to grow on me. Seeing peplum on an actual figure, I realized it is not hip-broadening but rather hip-camoflauging, and the result is in fact very elegant. It evokes the Rockwell image we all know of a sophisticated, put-together 1950’s woman, but with a bit more edge. And why not amp up the peppiness even more with a smattering of playful bold polka dots. (Stone and Black peplum dress)


Born with a silver spoon. Recently I’ve had apartment-shopping on the brain, so every time I take a simple trip to Target to pick up shampoo or vitamins, I find myself wandering the home decor aisles, mentally furnishing my apartment and deciding I “have to have” that pink bedspread. Even on Pinterest I can’t escape this decorating fever, which is precisely where I stumbled upon these fantastic, glitzy spoons from Leif. The glitter is suspended within a layer of acrylic, so there’s no danger of your macaroni being sprinkled with gold and silver flecks. They are perhaps a bit unnecessary, but I must have them.



Snake charmer. A few seasons ago, bib necklaces were all the rage, turning statement necklaces into everyday wear as common as diamond studs. It seemed that the whole novelty of “making a statement” had become jaded — how could you be making a statement with your neckwear if the woman to the left and right of you was making the exact same statement? Well after that, oversized necklaces took a bit of a hiatus, but now they’ve returned in a new, fresh form. Collar necklaces are like the sophisticated older sister to bib necklaces, and this snakeskin version from Etsy has balanced a brilliant bit of glamour and fierceness with that sophistication. With this wild animal print there’s no way you’ll be making the same statement as anyone in your vicinity.

Collar necklace


Mad about magenta. My home decor obsession returned full-force upon seeing this fuchsia dresser. Every other dresser pales in comparison — literally — to this fabulous masterpiece. It borders just on the edge of tacky and gaudy, like the boldness of the ’80s crashed into the fanciful, lavish Rococo period. While I understand that it may be too much for some people, with the pink and the gold and the frilliness, I think it’s just the piece I need for my bedroom.


10 thoughts on “weekend wishlist: fabulous, glamorous, gotta-have-its

  1. What great style you have! I must say I am swooning over that fuchsia dresser as well. Im sure I could convince my husband that its not “too girlie” to place in our bedroom, ha. Thanks for sharing your wish list!

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