do what you love: a tale of three necklaces

After a month of job hunting, consisting of scouring every job search engine and completing an application to any and all jobs which did not require previous experience — a limitation which greatly narrowed down the pickings — my search has still not yielded a bit of success. Although I did receive a call from a fast food restaurant asking me to schedule an interview. I got a little excited for a second… and then after that excitement came the realization that I would hate my life if I flipped burgers every day. (Perhaps my pickiness is unwarranted, but I refuse to come home smelling like pickles and grease seven days a week just for a few bucks).

So since the nine-to-five world will have nothing to do to me, I decided to turn to the age old proverb “Do what you love and the money will follow“.

“Do what you love, love what you do” via pinterest

A few years ago, I made a new piece of handmade jewelry every other day in my room. Friends, neighbors, and even teachers showed a great interest in my pieces, which made me wonder if my hobby could become something more substantial. I had hopes that my craftsmanship could be turned into cash and maybe even a career, but college got in the way and my hobby fell to the wayside.

But now that I am college-free for the summer, I found myself dabbling with my jewelry pliers and bead collection once again. I figured I might as well try creating jewelry for a profit; even if I don’t sell a single one at least I’m doing what I love, so it wouldn’t really be a fail.

My first endeavor was a trio of collar necklaces. I had a pile of fabric scraps and a box of gorgeous vintage buttons in my possession, so I decided to try my hand at the latest jewelry trend — Peter Pan collars. They’re the newest form of statement necklaces, and a fresh twist on the bib necklace that was so a few seasons ago.

See full details here

My favorite one of the three — I love anything with an Art Deco vibe. See full details here

Love the vintage rhinestones. See full details here

I absolutely love how they turned out. I’m tempted to keep all three for myself, but hopefully they find good homes. If you like any of them, all three pieces are on my etsy shop.

On myself: basic black tee from Express, Forever 21 high-waisted shorts and blue necklace, rope sandals from Charlotte Russe, and bag from Poppy

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