color obsession: lilac

This pastel hue is no longer strictly for Barbie dolls and the walls of a six-year-old’s princess-themed bedroom. Lilac gets a grown up makeover thanks, in part, to a few venturesome celebs who have opted to dye their lovely locks this darling shade of purple.

Kelly Osborne’s greyish-violet hue, Lady Gaga’s two-toned locks, and Katy Perry’s bubbly shade of lilac

I fell in love with the color while watching an episode of “Fashion Police” — call it trashy all you want, but to me E! is phenomenal television. Not only did the ever-sassy Kelly Osbourne’s hair look like some sort of delectable, sugary concoction, but it also managed to look elegant, edgy, and very flattering. Although I would never dare dye my hair  purple (a girl’s gotta get a job some day) I envy how cute and different it looks on her. There’s something about the soft, girly color that compliments her face so splendidly, I just love it.

But if you’re not quite ready to go out and buy a box of lilac hair dye — completely understandable — try adding some of this pretty pastel into your wardrobe instead. Lilac is surprisingly versatile and, depending on what it’s paired with, it can create a number of different vibes — all classy, of course.

Lilac and Orange:  Although they make appear to be total opposites — the bold, bellowing orange and the soft-spoken, whispering lilac — these two make a shockingly wonderful pair. The orange gives lilac just the right amount of zest and zap, steering it away from childish and into grown-up territory. Just keep the patterns limited and avoid being too matchy-matchy with accessories to avoid being mistaken for a die-hard Clemson fan.

Lilac and Turquoise: Such a cheery, summery combination — like the bright sky against a field of lilac flowers. This duo is great and easy-going, perfect for a casual brunch or trip to the beach. Try adding a few darker, chunkier elements like thick bangles or tortoise shell glasses to add a bit of maturity.

Lilac and Pale Pink: The girliest of all color pairings, lilac and pink is the perfect sugary sweet combo — just like cupcakes and frosting. But beware of overindulging that sweet tooth and stick to only a sprinkling of sugar per outfit. For added chicness, think structured pieces like a crisp white blazer or high-waisted trousers to avoid the My-Little-Pony effect.

On myself: floral blouse and blue shorts from Forever 21, Jessica Simpson chain earrings, Anne Klein tortoise shell watch, Charlotte Russe sandals

12 thoughts on “color obsession: lilac

  1. I am obsessed with Kelly’s lilac hair. I wish I could pull it off. There’s a model for Wildfox who has the most amazing lilac hair. Jealous.

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