wednesday wishlist: all that glitters

Ok so I may have missed the usual weekend wishlist post. So this week it’s the “Wednesday Wishlist” — still an alliteration, therefore still ok with me.


Fabulous is in the eye of the beholder. Fendi’s latest Spring/Summer runway show caught my eye (punny), but not because of the designer’s bold use of stripes or cheeky maid-inspired dresses– actually it was makeup artist Peter Philips who truly stole the show. Thanks to Philip’s avant-garde concept, every model on the catwalk was graced with a heavy helping of gold foil cascading over their brow and down to the lashline, emboldened by a thick layer of coal liner. The result was phenomenal, like each face was worth thousands of dollars in cold, dazzling gold. Although this look would be way too crazy for everyday wear, I’m dying for the perfect occasion to try out this stunning eyewear.


Shine on. Trompe l’oeil has fascinated me ever since the day I discovered Rene Magritte’s witty paintings from the twentieth century. Much later, while taking an art history class last year, I was delighted to find there were many more artists who practiced this style, beginning as far back as the Baroque period, when artists would cleverly paint a realistic fly on their work, and then watched laughing as viewers attempted to swat the pest away from the canvas.

Trompe l’oeil is fun because it makes one question what’s real and what’s claiming to be real. In a world of straightforward fashion, sometimes a little optical illusion is just the shake-up you need. This Emma Cook shift is the perfect example of cunning mind-tricks — with the added benefit of not having to dry clean a dress full of actual, fragile sequins.

Emma Cook sequin print dress


Glitter, glitter on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Earlier this week I purchased a can of metallic gold spray paint at Michael’s craft store, and ever since I’ve been on a Midas craze — covering everything I possibly can with a coat of shiny gold laquer. I’m talking gold picture frames, gold-trimmed mirrors, gold-dipped vases, gold bangles, everything. But how cool would it be to have an entire gold wall? After seeing this picture of a sequined wall on Pinterest, I realized this is what my house is missing — pounds and pounds of sequins.


Pop the collar. If you’ve been up-to-date on my latest posts (mainly A Tale of Three Necklaces and last week’s Wishlist), you’re aware of my collar obsession. Years ago I used to shun collared shirts, opting for collar-less henley shirts (oh, so stylish) while my friends wore a different colored polo every day of the week. But now I find myself more than embracing this trend. Collars are the perfect blend of professionalism and playfulness, evoking an image of a classy businesswoman while still maintaining an edgy, hipster quality. This Markus Lupfer sweater splendidly features all of those qualities — and even better, it has sparkles, too. The mixture of wool with glittery gold sequins is just perfection.

Markus Lupfer collared sweater


It’s raining gold. These Aurelian Core earrings are so different from anything I’ve seen before. The creator of these fabulous chandeliers combines resin, geodes, and Swarovski crystals to fashion what he calls “modern era gems”. His etsy store features dozens of pieces like this, including rings, bracelets, and pendants — all with the same hidden-jewel, cavelike quality. After perusing his site for awhile, I discovered the designer, Brian Burkhardt, was actually the winner of the first season of Lifetime’s Project Accessory, which is like a “Project Runway” of jewelry design. So cool.

Brian’s store

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