etsy crush: scout & catalogue

All pieces from Scout and Catalogue’s etsy

Today as I was browsing through the handmade haven that is, I discovered a little gem of a shop. I had initially been searching for a blue snakeskin clutch, but what I found here was much, much better.

What I found was a little store called Scout & Catalogue, an independent line started two years ago by a vibrant young blond woman named Breanna.

Breanna of Scout & Catalogue (photo by: Scout and Catalogue)

Her line was born as a result of a huge change in her lifestyle — Breanna and her boyfriend uprooted themselves from their comfortable home in Canada and traveled to Mexico, where they spent an entire year living by the sea. While some may resist changes like this, Breanna embraced it full-force and immediately delved into her creative spirit. According to her profile, she was so greatly inspired by the newness around her, she wanted to capture the bohemian vibe of her surroundings, to evoke images of “afternoons at secret beaches, sun kissed skin, and all day siestas” through her work.

Courtyard installation in Oaxaca, Mexico. (photo by: Scout & Catalogue blog)

So what is her work? Well it’s safe to say that Breanna’s mission of capturing the sun and the sand and the siestas of Mexico has been actualized beautifully. I, myself, have never visited Mexico but I have received gifts from my family members in Mexico City, and the colors and the patterns and the vibe of Breanna’s work is spot on.

Her color palette is so sophisticated and lovely — variations of turquoise, periwinkle, navy, rose pink, lavender — and her materials so luxurious and refined. My favorite pieces from her shop are the Libro clutches, a chic combination of leather and bold, patterned fabric.

From top: Libro Clutch Tie Dye, $74; The Constellation Clutch, $68; Pink Snake Clutch, $74

The best part about these bags, besides being incredibly trendy and unmistakably covetable, is that they’re environmentally-friendly. Breanna upcycles sheets, tablecloths, curtains, you name it, all kinds of fabrics she finds at a thrift store and transforms them into beautiful bags. Unfortunately, that does mean that each clutch is limited edition. But as long as you snatch it up soon that’s not a problem. Plus it means she’s always churning out new prints. Win-win.

I also adore her silk scarves, my absolute favorite of which is this Galileo print.

Galileo’s Moon, $128

I love the cold, scientific quality of the text (which explains, in Galileo’s own words, how his telescope works) juxtaposed with the gorgeous, finely detailed roses and the soft lilac wash.

Breanna creates this sort of soothing effect on all of her pieces. She begins with a loud, graphic pattern like a navy cheetah print or a black-and-white Rorscach test, and then washes over it like a wave of sea water smooths the shore. By adding natural, earthmade elements like the tan, buttery leather, rough-hewn canvas, and luxurious silk; she has made the perfect collaboration of earth and water. Like the vibrant culture of Mexico, neighboring the calm blue sea, her pieces are a Bohemian paradise.

“These content, mundane moments began to add up until one day, as I quietly watered my plants listening to the symphony of crickets in the jungle behind me, I realized that I was home. Here in Mexico, in a country I did not understand, I had found a small corner that was mine. And I was grateful.” 

– from Breanna’s tunblr

Shop Scout & Catalogue:

Breanna’s blog:

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