why didn’t I think of that? the genius of Henry Hargreaves

Photography is a unique  art form — using natural elements of light and shadow play, coupled with the manmade structures of lens and tripods. And not to mention the necessity of a good eye. But while it certainly is a beautiful art, photography is more or less all the same: a representation of the world around us. A fleeting moment of beauty captured for eternity in a film roll. Photographers are finding it harder and harder to make standout work. And that difficulty is aggravated further as today almost anyone with a laptop and basic Photoshop skills can create a work of art.

So when something truly different comes along the photography world takes notice.

Enter Henry Hargreaves, a fashion-photographer from Brooklyn, New York. For his recent series, he abandoned the traditional camera and film for a scanner.

Using careful positioning and a very patient model — the gorgeous Talita of RED — Hargreaves was able to produce stunning, hauntingly ghostly images, all while showcasing the marvelous jewels.

Check out the photos:

(all photos from designboom, photographer Henry Hargreaves; jewelry by Pamela Love, Lizzie Fortunato, we are here, ASOS, Dannijo, Stella McCartney, and me&ro)

3 thoughts on “why didn’t I think of that? the genius of Henry Hargreaves

  1. I’ve made some scans like this, years ago! Of course, my scanner at the time wasn’t as big as this one, and I didn’t have that amount of cool jewelry, but they were nice pictures anyway x)


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