weekend wishlist: shades of denim, popsicle makeup, and lost treasure


Handy dandy: When it comes to fashion, it’s all about the details. A single piece of jewelry harbors the potential to make or break the outfit. In this case, these delicate collar tips are definitely on the “make it” end of the spectrum. Typically collar tips are a little bit western, evoking images of tough, beast-wrangling cowboys — but this pair is anything but. I love the whimsical vibe, and something about it makes me think of Alice in Wonderland.


Good point: Studs are inescapable this season. From handbags to wrist gear, even eye makeup, studs can be found from head to toe. And for a good reason, too. Studded pieces are a great way to inject a little spice into an outfit that’s already full of sugar and everything nice. My favorite studded pieces are footwear (I’m always afraid if I wear them anywhere else that they’ll get snagged on something), and this pair of loafers from ASOS is my absolute favorite thus far. It combines three of the best things (in my eyes): the color mint, silver studs, and the classic loafer shape. Now that’s sharp.


Pretty in pink: There’s a few beauty phenomena exclusive to summer days: hair turned wavy and golden courtesy of the sun and salty ocean air, bronzed and be-freckled cheeks and nose tips, and popsicle-stained lips. Certain products have made it possible for these summery feelings to last year round — salt water hairspray, DIY highlights, self-tanner — and now another can be added to that list: the ombre lip technique. By simply applying a bright color on the inner lip then smoothing the edges with gloss, you have an instant summer beauty trend. I’ve got to try this for a beach day.


Twinkle, twinkle: Is there anything more glamorous than a bedazzled chandelier? The ostentatious opulence simply screams elegance as it greets all who enter the room with a breath-taking glimmer. I’ve always wanted a chandelier for my own room, and this one tops my wish list. I love the atypical skewed lines and hodge-podge clusters of gems. Rather than looking careless and random, the helter-skelter design casts a vibe that the fixture was pulled from a shipwreck — a lost treasure. A lost treasure that belongs in my home.


It’s ombre, hombre: Ever since Kanye rocked an ombre denim shirt at the VMA’s (quite awhile back) the blogosphere has been abuzz with DIY spins on this wardrobe staple. I already have a chambray obsession, so I figured this update would be a great way to freshen up my collection. Here’s a few of my favorite tutorials for the project:

Absolute fav: http://charlesgraceblog.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/diy1-ombre-denim-shirt/

Ombre sleeves: http://www.stylescrapbook.com/2011/12/diy-ombre-denim-shirt.html

Bleach dip: http://www.ispydiy.com/2012/05/my-diy-bleach-dip.html


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