weekend wishlist: gravity-defying elegance and floor-sweeping florals


Jolly green jewels: While it may not apply to portion sizes or phone bills, the Texan motto “Bigger is always better” does have its place. For instance, when it comes to an Erickson Beamon emerald and gold-plated statement necklace, bigger is most definitely better. The sheer weight of this necklace must be staggering (and the price even more so). But nevertheless, this oversized beauty is the perfect wow-inducing piece for fall. You’d turn heads even in Emerald City.


Garden party: What’s better than a chic, black maxi dress? Well a floral-embellished black maxi dress, of course. As the floor-length fashion craze grows and grows, it’s becoming harder to find a maxi dress that’s truly unique. This Givenchy floral is a divine example of maxis that stand out from the crowd. It’s impossible to be a wallflower in this stunner.


Top notch top knot: Ah, the high bun. The ever-elegant, always-chic style who’s popularity has been swelling since two-thirds of the infamous Kardashian klan claimed the top knot as their own. Every morning I tell myself “This is the day I’ll master the top knot”. Mission not accomplished. Every time I try to achieve this gravity-defying bun, one of two things happens: I either (1) end up looking like I’m growing a second head atop my own, or (2) I get it almost right but then it falls flat. The elegant glamour of this look eludes me, and I would give anything to know the secret to getting my hair to look as picture-perfect as Kim K.


The Bag from Ipanema: It’s no surprise this Anya Hindmarch clutch was inspired by the brilliant Brazilian coast. From the natural straw rafia to the bold, sunset-colored stones, this clutch is the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit. Whether you’re a meandering tourist or a seasoned local, try this bag for a cool South American vibe.


Craft envy: As anyone who’s seen me lately knows, I have acquired a sort of crafting obsession lately. I show up to dates with my boyfriend with hot glue burns and spray paint drops covering my hands. I’m constantly scouring Pinterest for DIY ideas. It’s quite an infatuation. It all started about a month ago when I began shopping for bedroom decor for my new apartment. Wandering around the home decor aisles, picking out a pillow I liked, and then examining the price tag (yikes), I came to the conclusion that I could easily make this stuff. And so began my crafting affair. I have a whole to-do list of projects that grows daily, and now this lampshade has been penciled in. Bursting with color and life, this floral lampshade is just wonderful. I must make one.

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