color obsession: mustard

This season I’m all about mustard. I’m not talking the kind of mustard you drench your Nathan’s hot dog with, but rather a classier form of the word. Mustard in the fashion world is a rich, golden shade of yellow, conjuring images of mother nature like expansive fields of the flowering goldenrod and autumn-tinged maple leaves. The color is warm and inviting, yet also exotic and unique. Mustard is far from the overused yellow-of-the-moment, highlighter yellow, and it will transition wonderfully into the chillier fall season.

Don’t mistake this darker shade for a humdrum hue; when paired with bright accents, this subdued tone can easily take on different personalities:

Mustard and dusty pink: Mustard acquires a vintage vibe when paired with a soft, duty pink tone. The combination is sweet and feminine, like a pink peony dusted with it’s own golden pollen. Try adding brown leather accents and gold jewelry to mirror the gold tone of the mustard.

Mustard and cobalt: When playing with colors, choosing a complementary palette is a sure bet. Cobalt, a brilliant jewel tone, pairs beautifully with the golden yellow. It compliments the yellow while simultaneously providing a “pop” to the outfit. With this combination, feel free to play with patterns and textures to add a dash of the unexpected to the complementary scheme.

Mustard and fuchsia: By far my favorite mustard match, fuchsia is a fabulous way to add glamour to the golden shade. This duo is not for the meek as it practically grabs attention right off the shelf. When wearing hot pink and mustard together, it’s best to keep the rest of your look relatively tame. Take a cue from trend goddess Olivia Palermo and opt for sleek lines and a minimalist vibe to allow the colors to stand out.

16 thoughts on “color obsession: mustard

  1. I love mustard…both kinds actually…but my wardrobe has a good number of mustard pieces. It’s a great hit of colour for those of us who can’t wear yellow.
    Great post.

  2. Mustard is a colour I have never before felt confident to create an outfit with, after reading this I will be on the search for a golden mustard to team with my love of dusty pink. Thank-you.

  3. I agree! Mustard is awesome, but sadly not many people agree. I have a mustard blouse that I love showing off. I definitely need to get more items though 🙂

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