accessories report: the gold cuff

From the beautiful Queen of the Nile to the fictional Wonder Woman, gold cuffs have long been a symbol of female empowerment and self-expression. In fact, for 7,000 years it has been a go-to staple for female leaders all over the world.

The good news is you don’t have to rule the country to don one of these golden bracelets. In fact, they’re quite easy to attain as dozens of designers have been featuring this sleek, strong style in their lines this season. From T&Co to H&M, there’s a gold cuff bracelet for anyone who wants to feel like a queen for a day.

These gold cuffs are classic monochrome with interesting architectural elements to add a bit of sophisticated intrigue:

Yves Saint Laurent “Lacy Medium Cuff”, $698; Sophia Kokosalaki tiered cuff, $2700; Hervé Van Der Straeten 24 karat gold plated cuff, $805

Forever 21 filigree cuff, $5.80; Warehouse cuff, $11; ASOS cuff, $17

If “plain” just isn’t your style, try jazzing up the basic gold cuff with a handful of dazzling gems and baubles:

Oscar de la Renta cuff, $195; Erickson Beamon, $980; Paige Novick lapis cuff, $425

Blydesign agate cuff, $88; RJ Graziano turquoise cuff, $75; A.V. Max gunmetal and gold cuff, $48

Tips for wearing a gold cuff:

1. This style of bracelet is very versatile, so try adding a gold cuff to any outfit that needs a pop of power.

2. Gold cuffs look great with maxi dresses for a Grecian goddess vibe, or jeans and a blazer for a modern day superhero look.

3. Don’t detract attention from the cuff with a statement necklace or shoulder-dusting earrings; let the cuff shine.

4. If you have a small wrist, stick to a shorter length cuff to stay proportional, and look for adjustable bracelets to ensure a secure fit.

5. While it’s tempting to stack bracelets, this style looks most elegant with just a single cuff.

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