style crush: six chic ideas inspired by Hello it’s Valentine

Valentine is a Parisian-dwelling graphic designer with a style blog filled to the brim with gloriously colorful ensembles and playful, whimsical self-photoshoots. It’s impossible to visit her blog without feeling inspired. Upon discovering this chic Parisian fashion enthusiast, I immediately became enamored with her fresh, witty wardrobe. So enamored that I began taking notes  in order to incorporate a bit of her quirky style in my own outfits. Here are six stylish ideas that I found while perusing through Valentine’s blog photos. Tell me she isn’t fabulous, I dare you…

1. Treat stripes as a neutral. Mixing prints can be a daunting task, but fear not fashionistas for there’s a simple trick to make this trend a bit more user-friendly. Graphic black and white stripes mesh wonderfully with just about any patterned piece — it’s practically a neutral. As long as the second pattern you’re pairing it with includes either black or white, like Valentine’s white cat printed shirt, you’re guaranteed to have a chic combo.

2. Stack watches. Piling on wristfuls of beaded bracelets and beautiful bangles is all the rage right now. Instead of playing it safe, try a unique twist by stacking watches. I love this look that Valentine tried out because it’s quirky without being in-your-face-crazy. Plus you’ll never be late for an appointment again.

3. Tone down girly pieces with black. This idea is perfect for the girl who loves all things lacy, pink, and floral, yet still wants to maintain a sophisticated vibe. By simply adding a black leather jacket or tailored black trousers, an eyelet dress instantly sheds it’s girlish appearance. Mixing in black accents with florals and light laces is also a great way to transition your wardrobe into the fall season.

4. Big bags can still be dainty. While I can’t resist a cute handheld clutch, there’s no denying the fact that larger purses are more practical. However, just because it’s bigger doesn’t mean it has to be any less pretty. Rather than opting for a slouchy, commodious hobo bag, look for a big bag with a structured frame and dainty details like quilting and chain straps. This way you can tote your massive makeup stash in style.

5. Apricot is the new pink. This lovely shade of blush is an enchanting alternative to the bright neon pink of the summer season. Like the sweet scent of a Georgia peach, this color adds a dose of refreshment to any outfit, especially when paired with tones of tan and camel. I absolutely adore how Valentine paired her apricot sweater with a fun flowery skirt, creating a perfect warm-weather ensemble.

6. Tie on a head scarf. If you’re an admirer of the seventies glam look, try a head scarf to introduce a dash of foxy charm to any outfit. Play around with lively prints and bold colors like Valentine has done with her gorgeous turquoise and aqua accessory.

For more adorable outfits, check out her blog Hello it’s Valentine

All photos from Valentine’s lookbook page

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