dare to wear: over-the-top collars

As the embellished collar trend grows, so does the flashy factor. With so many brands out there that are offering collars nowadays, designers are striving to create wilder, funkier, more over-the-top collars to make theirs stand out in a sea of sequined tips and Peter Pans.

Here’s a round-up of the zaniest, most outrageous collars I’ve seen thus far. Would you wear any of these extravagant looks?

1. In case you thought you couldn’t escape house chores as it is, here’s a teeny tiny clothes line to serve as a reminder (by Hairy Sock on etsy):

2. The cat-lover in me simply could not resist this frilly feline number by Miu Miu:

3. A collar for fans of the reality show Hoarders (by Eleven Objects): 

4. This lush bouquet adds a dose of lively neon and pretty flowers to any outfit (by MICartsy on etsy)

5. And finally, as Independence Day nears, here’s a little something for those who proudly sport their red, white, and blue (by Dannijo):

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