weekend wishlist: paper jewelry, cage purses, and writing on the walls

1. Cage match. This Anndra Neen bag is the perfect motivation I need to clean out my purse. Not only that, but it’s incredibly stylish too. I’ve seen see-through, bare-it-all bags before, but this hardware handbag is one-of-a-kind. The toughness of the metal would look stunning juxtaposed with a soft, flirty floral.

2. Princess of China. I’m a sucker for anything with this darling blue-and-white Chinoiserie print, and these dainty nails are no exception. While I most certainly do not have the patience for this laborious genre of nail art, this blogger possesses the skill and steady hand to create this beautiful work of art, straight out of the Ming dynasty.

3. Paper trail. The first foray into paper fashion was made in the 1960’s when the Scott Paper Company created a $1 paper dress as a sort of joke. It was designed merely as a marketing tool, but with little hopes that the idea would actually take off. The company was in shock when thousands of women began demanding paper dresses — half a million sold in under a year. Today, artist Maria Gil Ulldemolins is reviving the idea of paper fashion in the form of statement-making bib necklaces. At first glance, her fabulous pieces appear to be crafted from beautiful marble or textured glass, but in fact they are made from ordinary magazine cutouts. My favorite is this bib, which looks like a bohemian mix of turquoise and emeralds.

4. Inside-out, upside-down. While most things simply do not work inside-out (i.e. Oreos, jeans, egg salad sandwiches) these heels definitely do. Cork wedges are certainly nothing new, but I love how this Anthropologie pair has been flipped inside out, with the cork portion on the top instead of the bottom. It’s a fun twist on a classic style without being too quirky or peculiar, so they can be worn easily. I would wear these cuties with simple light jeans or dress them up a bit with a striped sundress.

5. Chalk it up. Although it’s been ages since we’ve been scolded by our mothers for scribbling Crayola masterpieces on the living room wall, the temptation to doodle is still existent. But before you pick up that crayon, consider this idea from Anthropologie’s catalogue. Just coat your walls with chalkboard paint and doodle away! This idea is great for those who like an ever-changing decor. If you get bored of the design, just erase it away and start fresh!

6 thoughts on “weekend wishlist: paper jewelry, cage purses, and writing on the walls

  1. Lizzie you are amaaazing.

    This rocks! Except for the nail polish… My toe nails are cooler ;).

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