bag lady: top-notch toppers

While there’s no arguing that a larger handbag is more practical when it comes to toting around your belongings (whether it be the bare necessities or the not-so-bare mess of makeup brushes), there’s something so elegant and sophisticated about a dainty handheld clutch. This season the small clutch is returning in full force, with dozens of designers putting their own spin on the tiny timeless wonder. One of the variations that seems to be appearing left and right is adorning the clasp of the clutch with brilliant jewels or miniature sculptures. These top-notch toppers are like statement rings for your handbag — because don’t you want your purse to be as fabulously dressed as you are?

Luxe leopard print: For the fierce socialite — these ferociously clad clutches are a great way to spice up a little black dress. Charlotte Olympia’s spotted number may seem a tad pricey, but it actually comes with two other interchangeable pouches — black crepe de chine and gold lame — so essentially you’re getting three bags in one, and all with the excellently creepy spider clasp.

Charlotte Olympia “Pandora” clutch, $845; Diane von Furstenberg “Lytton printed clutch”, $395; Alexander McQueen leopard print classic box, $1,242

Bold brights: These bags still pack the same punch as the jungle cat clutches, but with a richer rainbow of colors. Kate Spade‘s delightfully playful clutch features a tiny golden frog atop a sea of glitter. What girl wouldn’t want their own personal prince-charming-to-be at their fingertips?

Kate Spade “Kissed a Frog clutch”, $328; Banana Republic “Trina Turk box clutch”, $98; House of Harlow “1960 Marley Clutch”, $185

Flashy metallics: These shades of gold and copper are perfect for the girl who thinks everyday is an occasion to wear diamonds. Yet thankfully these three teeny bags come with a price tag that’s a mere fraction of a diamond’s — Bank’s hardware-heavy oval clutch is only $39!

Bank “Ring clutch bag”, $39; Natasha Couture, $68; All Saints copper clutch, $91

If you’re more of a daring DIY-er than a big-spending shopaholic, here’s two fabulously simple how-to’s for creating your very own embellished minaudiere:

Leopard is a Neutral: “Tiny Tacky Purse”

Trinkets in Bloom “Kentucky Derby DIY Purse”

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