when styles collide: preppy stripes + boho bags

Once you become settled in your own personal style niche — whether it be sophisticated minimalism, sporty chic, laid-back beach babe, etc. — it can be hard to break free from your own mold that you’ve created yourself. Your closet begins to look like a sea of sameness — did you really need that button down in six different shades of blue? At this point it’s easy to become frustrated and cry out the infamous “I have nothing to wear!” and storm off. But before you get too distressed, consider injecting a dose of different into your plain-Jane, mundane wardrobe you’ve become so bored with.

Mixing in elements of an alternative fashion persona is much, much easier than totally revamping your closet, and much more visually interesting as well. (Not to mention less expensive). Fashion is intended to be a fun experience, so enjoy experimenting with what pieces mixes with what, and what pieces clash horrifically. If you find yourself a bit stuck, though, here’s a starting point: classic preppy styles mix surprisingly well with the free-flowing, flower-crowned bohemian style. One of my favorite combos is the unexpected compound of preppy stripes and boho beaded bags. Try a simple, graphic striped tee with a colorful, eye-popping beaded clutch to create a unique, fashionable ensemble.

Striped tee: J Crew is my favorite store to find classic preppy pieces, and striped tees are no exception — they have just about every color imaginable and all at a reasonable price. Can you say perfection? For this specific look, stick to a tee with only two colors of stripes so the pattern won’t compete with the flashy clutch.

All J. Crew: Maraschino cherry, $40; Chalkboard, $45; Navy, $49; Byzantine blue, $45
Affordable, right?

All J. Crew: Golf green, $29; Frosted aqua, $65; Sun driftwood, $59; Neon pink, $30

Boho bags: These bags are all about piling as much beading, fringe, and tassels on as humanly possible. Go crazy and pick a clutch with an unreal amount of embellishment — like these Matthew Williamson clutches. Drool-worthy.

All Matthew Williamson: Pom pom embellishment, $1235; Emerald suede, $1615; Yellow suede, $536

ASOS tile effect clutch, $33; Barganza $53; Aldo “Levick clutch”, $29

Here’s a few other ways to shake up your wardrobe with the preppy-boho combo:

1.Choose classic preppy staples (chambray button downs, pencil skirts, cardigans) that have been made over with bohemian prints like ikat, dark paisley, or other folksy patterns.

2. Prep up your collection of floor-sweeping maxi dresses by shrugging on a tailored blazer in a neutral color.

3. Look for timeless pieces that have a touch of earthy embroidery, like this little white dress with unexpectedly playful pockets.

How do you mix styles in your wardrobe?

10 thoughts on “when styles collide: preppy stripes + boho bags

  1. This is a great post – I love what you’ve compiled! I would wear any of the above. I saw a great diy post recently of the Matthew Williamson pom-pom clutch…if I find again, I can let you know

    I’m really enjoying your blog so far, it’s very polished – thanks for stopping by mine!

    • The embroidered one is from Anthropologie! Its from last year though so unfortunately that exact one is probably not in stores anymore 😦 they always have great embroidered pieces though so its worth looking at!

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