mod podge cures all: DIY patterned clutch


How can it be that after countless crafting endeavors, the miracle that is Mod Podge has only just now entered my arsenal of supplies? I original bought a jar with the intention of creating an adorable pair of floral decopauged heels I saw on Made in Pretoria, but I’ve been too distracted with thus far by the fact that just about everything can be Mod Podged. So when I discovered this tiny black clutch at a thrift store, I suddenly knew the perfect fate for it. With just some tissue paper, Mod Podge, and about an hour I transformed this $2 basic into a chic, trendy clutch. Here’s how:

You’ll need a plain fabric clutch, scissors, pretty tissue paper, Mod Podge (there is a fabric variation of the glue, but I used regular and it worked out just fine), and a small brush.



Step 1. Determine the shape you want for your tissue paper. I’ve been seeing triangle patterns in stores a lot recently, and I love how basic they are, almost like a classic polka dot. Plus, as an added bonus, triangles are just about the easiest shape to cut out. As a result, this part went by quite quickly. Tip: Since tissue paper is so thin, make sure to use extra sharp scissors so the paper doesn’t tear as you’re cutting. Also, don’t worry too much about making the shapes perfectly cookie-cutter — slightly askew shapes make the pattern more visually interesting and playful.




Step 2: Take the time to do a little planning and arrange your shapes into the pattern you want (once you Mod Podge, there’s no turning back). The planning pays off. Although my pattern appears random, there’s a huge difference between planned random and true random. I wanted to make sure none of my triangles were too close or too far from one another. When you’re satisfied with the arrangement, snap a quick pic for reference.


Step 3: Mod podge! Use your brush to apply the glue where you want your paper shape, then immediately apply another layer on top of the paper to seal it, smoothing out any wrinkles or bubbles. Since the tissue paper is so thin, it will blend almost seamlessly into the fabric as if you painted it.


Step 4: Wait about 20-30 minutes for the entire bag to dry, then apply another coat over everything to create a good sealant. Tip: since my bag was black, the spots where the glue dried on the fabric turned a bit hard and shiny — a different texture than the original bag. It wasn’t too noticeable, but I made sure my second coat of Mod Podge was more even and covered all the spots where fabric showed through in order to fix it. If your bag is a lighter color or even plastic you may not have this problem.

Step 5: Wait at least 24 hours before using the bag to ensure the glue is one hundred percent dry. Once the time is up feel free to show off its fabulousness to the world!


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