weekend wishlist: mermaid material, an eternal summer sweater, and toothy jewelry

1. Shine on. Very rarely does “iridescent” shout “chic” and “polished”. Fabric of the shiny, rainbowlike sort is often reserved for little girl’s pageants and mermaid costumes sitting in the 50% off rack at the Halloween store. However, this oversized clutch is a whole different story. I love how it becomes sophisticated when paired with the all-black, form-fitting ensemble. I never knew how much I needed a mermaid-tail clutch until now.

2. Chain reaction. It seems that when it comes to chains, the chunkier the links, the more fashion-forward you are. Such is the case with this fabulous pair of chain-strapped heels from Normaluisa’s runway show. Looking at these, I’m envisioning a very easy DIY to add a touch of runway to a classic nude staple.

3. She sells sea shells. Just because summer is nearing it’s chilly end doesn’t mean we have to forgo all traces of the warm, sunny season. Enjoy summer’s loveliness year-round with this Emma Cook sweater, which features an attractive assemblage of photorealistic shells, starfish, and sweet flowers. The black color makes this summery treat transition easily into cooler months — and the long sleeves will hide that summer’s-over-paleness. 

4. Bright on.
I’ll admit, I’m not so keen on neon. Too much of the bright trend tends to look out of place to me — when I spot someone on the street in a neon top, I think to myself “Don’t you have a rave to go to?” However, I do appreciate little accents of neon here and there — it does bring some cheer to an ensemble — which is why I adore this simple manicure from Pink Beauty For You’s blog. The chic combo of neon and nude is super trendy without being overwhelming and in your face. (Rave optional).

5. Sink your teeth in. I’m a sucker for anything with shark’s teeth. Maybe it has something to do with growing up fifteen minutes from the ocean shore, but I just can’t resist the fierce quality of them. Of course I would never want to meet the actual shark that these gigantic teeth emanated from, but they do make for a lovely statement necklace.


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