racing stripes: 5 tips on wearing the tuxedo stripe trend


Last season the fashion world simply could not get enough of floral print pants. But as the pretty petals of spring wilt away to make way for autumn leaves, a new pant trend emerges: the tuxedo stripe pant. The trend’s popularity spiked sharply once spotted on the oh-so-gorgeous Miranda Kerr, and now the pants are cropping up in all sorts of brands and price ranges.When done right, tuxedo striped pants are chic, slimming, and glamorous (all the things you want in a pant, am I right?) but there are a few things to keep in mind when earning your stripes:


1. Pair with heels. Even just the word “tuxedo” evokes a masculine vibe, so to combat the manly quality pair these pants with classic stilettos — the most feminine of accessories. As an added plus, the heels extend the vertical line on the pant, creating an elongating effect.


2. Keep it simple — the rest of your outfit, that is. The vertical stripe occupies a good portion of your body, so keep the focus on the pant and avoid busy accessories and patterns.


3. Fit is key. The pants should be fitted without being constricting. Too loose and you’ll look like you got these pants from an actual man’s tuxedo. Too tight and the stripe begins to warp and wiggle — bottom line: too tight is never attractive. 


4. Have fun with it! Take the formal out of formalwear and play around with prints and fun colors on the pant. Guys wear tuxedos to be taken more seriously, but this trend is anything but somber. 



5. Don’t: white on black. The only hesitation I have about the tuxedo pant trend is that sometimes they tend to resemble elastic workout pants. White stripes on black pants heighten this illusion, so I’d avoid this combo.

Personally, I think I’ll have to ease my way into this trend with an understated pair of tuxedo stripes — maybe something neutral or with tonal striping.

Forever 21 Coated Tuxedo Stripe Skinnies, $25; ASOS Tux Pants with satin trim, $60; Anthropologie Crepe Tuxedo Trousers, $188; Rag and Bone Tuxedo Stripe Jean, $195

But if you’re ready to pull out the big guns, here’s a few pairs that are strictly for the daring:

Rebecca Minkoff “Nicholas” Checkered Pants, $398; Robert Rodriguez Stained Glass pants, $109; Current/Elliot “The Rider” in electric blue, $218; Marc by Marc Jacobs “Havana” floral silk trousers, $301

What do you think? Will you be wearing this trend come fall?



3 thoughts on “racing stripes: 5 tips on wearing the tuxedo stripe trend

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