artsy fartsy discovery: a fanciful zoo just for you

“Watering Hole”

“Six Whales Stacked”

“Dove Diamond”

“The Neighbors”

“Zebras and Guinea Fowl Watering Hole”

“Bison Herd”

“Deep Sea”

“Bee Hive”


“Botanical Nest”

“Watering Hole No. 2”

“Northern Bobwhites”

“The Collector”

If I could, I would buy every last one of Michelle Morin‘s magnificent watercolors. Side by side, I would hang the pieces in a room, slowly but surely covering every square inch of all four walls. I would charge an admission for folks to come look around my wonderful, fantastical zoo and gawk at the creatures on the other side of the glass. An aviary here, a watering hole there — the whole shebang. That’s how much I love these paintings.

Morin — who graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston with a BFA in painting and art history — has truly captured my heart with her fanciful wildlife gems. Each painting hosts a mellow medley of muted hues — soft lilacs, cool grays, rusty reds — true serenity. Then there’s the patterns, the glorious patterns. Morin uses texture and layering in such a way that makes me think she would make a fabulous textile designer. (A prophecy which may very well actually come true, as the artist has recently collaborated with The Land of Nod).

My personal favorites — a tough decision — would have to be the watering hole series, which feature a rare eagle-eye perspective. I love how, suddenly, just by changing the viewpoint the animals become a series of shapes and patterns, all coexisting beautifully together.

To see more of Morin’s work — and maybe purchase your own zoo — check out her Etsy shop here:

Michelle also has a blog filled with new artwork:

Fabulous, right?

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