geology + geometry: a match made in jewelry heaven

diamond earrings

teardrop necklace

mint chain stud

evil eye earrings x


evil eye stud

rock geo no bg

evil eye necklace


chain granite


Unfortunately for me, a poor little right-brained art major with zero desire for science whatsoever, my university has pushed me into taking a Geology course. When my academic advisor informed me that I was to take a science class of my choosing I skimmed through the courses, passing right over biology, chemistry, anything involving formulas and hypotheses, and landed on Intro to Geology. A rock is a rock, I thought. How many different sorts of rocks could there be? 

Quite a lot, apparently. And all with long, tongue-twisting names and funny-looking structural compounds. Upon completing only the third week thus week, I am realizing this class is not what I signed up for. 

However, amidst all the boring vocabulary of igneous and metamorphic and other nonsense, I find myself interested in the photos and illustrations in my textbook. Some rocks really are quite lovely, nothing like the typical river pebble you’d kick along the street. They glimmer and glisten and form crazy cool structures.

Thanks to this scientific discovery of mine — possibly the only discovery of the sort I will ever make — I found the inspiration for my new jewelry line, featuring the marvels of natural granite. The twist is, I used faux granite, so you get the luxury of real stone without the heavy price and weight.

Find them all on my Etsy page, becomingelizabeth.

“Shine On” granite diamond cutout studs – twelve

midnight blue granite “Tears of Joy” necklace – fifteen

“Chain Gang” mint lulep studs – ten

midnight blue Evil Eye earrings – thirteen

“Busy Bee” white honeycomb earrings – thirteen

midnight blue Evil Eye studs – twelve

“Glittering Granite” geo studs – nine

midnight blue Evil Eye necklace – fifteen

“Chain Gang” granite studs – ten

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