quick chic: DIY chain heels in just 5 steps

quick chic

Ah, the classic black pump: timeless, versatile, classy, but albeit a bit snooze-inducing. How fab would it be if those same tired heels could pack more of a punch? If you’re looking for a quick way to inject some devilish drama into those drab pumps, this super-fast super-easy DIY is perfect!

First, you’ll need a few supplies. The only thing I had to go out and buy was the gold chain, and it was only about $3 for 3 feet with my Michael’s coupon. Everything else you probably have on hand, or out in the garage somewhere.


When it comes to buying the chain, you want to look for curb chain. This type of chain is made to lie flat along a surface, unlike the typical cable chain you’re probably used to. Curb chain will be easier to work with for this project and will create a polished result.

Also, try to find a chain with a visible seam in each link. This means that the chain can be opened with pliers rather than having to use pesky, cumbersome wire cutters.

chainsimg02 copy

Here’s the shoe I used: a plain black patent leather pump from Target’s Mossimo. They’ve been a trusted wardrobe staple for me for quite some time, but I’m ready to shake them up. Of course feel free to use any color or style of heel you want, I just like the way gold chain looks against black.womens-mossimoc2ae-black-versie-pumps-black-patent

Step 1: Prepare by cleaning the shoe with a damp cloth. The glue will adhere best to a dirt-free surface.

Step 2: Use the string to measure out the length of chain you’ll need to cut. (You know the old saying — cut once, measure twice!) Measure from the top of the heel’s back to the bottom, leaving a little room on the bottom so that the chain won’t rub against the ground when you walk.

Step 3: Using a steady hand, apply the craft glue in a thin, straight line along the back of the heel. I like to use E6000 because it’s held up thus far in all of my craft endeavors. Tip: E6000 works best when its dried for a few minutes, so don’t stick the chain on right away! Let the glue get a little tacky first.

Step 4: Using your string length, determine the length of chain you’ll need. Then, take the pliers and carefully open up the chain link. TipThis step is easiest if you have two pairs of pliers — one to hold the link steady and a second to pry open the link. I used two pairs of small needle-nosed pliers, found in the jewelry-making section of a craft store.

Step 5: Once the glue has become tacky, apply the chain in a straight line, making sure that it doesn’t twist along the way.

After about 24 hours of drying time, your new pumps are ready to be rocked. How easy was that?!

I love mine because they’re a fun twist on the spiked heels of last season. So fresh! What do you think?

chain heels 2

chain heels


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