artsy fartsy discovery: a fanciful zoo just for you

“Watering Hole” “Six Whales Stacked” “Dove Diamond” “The Neighbors” “Zebras and Guinea Fowl Watering Hole” “Bison Herd” “Deep Sea” “Bee Hive” “Feathers” “Botanical Nest” “Watering Hole No. 2” “Northern Bobwhites” “The Collector” If I could, I would buy every last … Continue reading

trend blend: painterly prints + pleated skirts

The starving artist look is in this season. But luckily, you don’t have to actually give up your rent money for tubes of paint. Instead of developing a brooding mysterious personality paired with an affinity for felt berets, all you … Continue reading

why didn’t I think of that? the genius of Henry Hargreaves

Photography is a unique  art form — using natural elements of light and shadow play, coupled with the manmade structures of lens and tripods. And not to mention the necessity of a good eye. But while it certainly is a beautiful … Continue reading