weekend wishlist: mermaid material, an eternal summer sweater, and toothy jewelry

1. Shine on. Very rarely does “iridescent” shout “chic” and “polished”. Fabric of the shiny, rainbowlike sort is often reserved for little girl’s pageants and mermaid costumes sitting in the 50% off rack at the Halloween store. However, this oversized clutch … Continue reading

weekend wishlist: paper jewelry, cage purses, and writing on the walls

1. Cage match. This Anndra Neen bag is the perfect motivation I need to clean out my purse. Not only that, but it’s incredibly stylish too. I’ve seen see-through, bare-it-all bags before, but this hardware handbag is one-of-a-kind. The toughness of … Continue reading

weekend wishlist: gravity-defying elegance and floor-sweeping florals

1. Jolly green jewels: While it may not apply to portion sizes or phone bills, the Texan motto “Bigger is always better” does have its place. For instance, when it comes to an Erickson Beamon emerald and gold-plated statement necklace, bigger … Continue reading

weekend wishlist: shades of denim, popsicle makeup, and lost treasure

1. Handy dandy: When it comes to fashion, it’s all about the details. A single piece of jewelry harbors the potential to make or break the outfit. In this case, these delicate collar tips are definitely on the “make it” end … Continue reading

wednesday wishlist: all that glitters

Ok so I may have missed the usual weekend wishlist post. So this week it’s the “Wednesday Wishlist” — still an alliteration, therefore still ok with me. 1. Fabulous is in the eye of the beholder. Fendi’s latest Spring/Summer runway … Continue reading

wednesday’s wish list: six things I want right now

1. For my jewelry box: this earthy geode necklace from etsy would be absolutely perfect for adding an organic element to this summer’s bright, flashy colors. (http://www.etsy.com/listing/76368171/earthy-geode-slice-with-a-brass-wheat) 2. I’ve been seeing these fringed bikini tops all over Pinterest lately and … Continue reading