a tale of three necklaces: part II

In lieu of my recent post “Do What You Love: A Tale of Three Necklaces” — in which I detailed my return to jewelry-making, fueled by a growing exasperation with the finicky job market — I have found myself spending … Continue reading

fancy pants: the new tuxedo

Tuxedos have long been a staple of masculine elegance, a crisply tailored and starkly contrasting black and white ensemble reserved for events where the people are dignified and the champagne is plentiful. But slowly this handsome costume has worked its … Continue reading

wednesday wishlist: all that glitters

Ok so I may have missed the usual weekend wishlist post. So this week it’s the “Wednesday Wishlist” — still an alliteration, therefore still ok with me. 1. Fabulous is in the eye of the beholder. Fendi’s latest Spring/Summer runway … Continue reading