bright blooms: a pretty petal lamp DIY

Pretty up an average white paper lantern with soft, playful petals. You’ll need: And this┬áPetal template┬áto help you cut precisely if you’re a perfectionist like me. *(Specifics: To cover my 8″ diameter paper lantern — about $10 including the hanging … Continue reading

artsy fartsy discovery: a fanciful zoo just for you

“Watering Hole” “Six Whales Stacked” “Dove Diamond” “The Neighbors” “Zebras and Guinea Fowl Watering Hole” “Bison Herd” “Deep Sea” “Bee Hive” “Feathers” “Botanical Nest” “Watering Hole No. 2” “Northern Bobwhites” “The Collector” If I could, I would buy every last … Continue reading