bright blooms: a pretty petal lamp DIY

Pretty up an average white paper lantern with soft, playful petals. You’ll need: And this Petal template to help you cut precisely if you’re a perfectionist like me. *(Specifics: To cover my 8″ diameter paper lantern — about $10 including the hanging … Continue reading

bag lady: top-notch toppers

While there’s no arguing that a larger handbag is more practical when it comes to toting around your belongings (whether it be the bare necessities or the not-so-bare mess of makeup brushes), there’s something so elegant and sophisticated about a … Continue reading

weekend wishlist: paper jewelry, cage purses, and writing on the walls

1. Cage match. This Anndra Neen bag is the perfect motivation I need to clean out my purse. Not only that, but it’s incredibly stylish too. I’ve seen see-through, bare-it-all bags before, but this hardware handbag is one-of-a-kind. The toughness of … Continue reading