trend blend: painterly prints + pleated skirts

The starving artist look is in this season. But luckily, you don’t have to actually give up your rent money for tubes of paint. Instead of developing a brooding mysterious personality paired with an affinity for felt berets, all you have to do is don a “painterly” skirt.

Now the first time I heard the word “painterly” in my art history class, I thought my professor was just being loose with the English language. But I found later that I was wrong, and painterly is indeed a real, bona fide word. It is used to describe a painting which has visible brushstrokes, as if the artist was painting feverishly and could not be bothered to stay within the lines. Artists such as van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Renoir belonged to the painterly club.

And now you can join that club too. The painterly trend is slowly but surely emerging all over — from the upscale Donna Karan label to your go-to Topshop.

For extra style points, combine this bold print with the pleated skirts that everyone is going crazy over lately. Perfect combo.

Rag and Bone “Cecil” maxi, $595; Alice + Olivia “Shannon” maxi, $485; Topshop “Petite Smoke” maxi, $100

Paul Smith Black Label “Painted Canvas” skirt, $213; Cacheral “Paint Splatter”, $325; J Crew “Painted rope” skirt, $140; Donna Karan abstract skirt, $1,815

When wearing this style, it’s best to wear a fitted top to balance out the volume of the pleats. Keep the top solid and the jewelry simple. If you want more elegance, try a high bun and some higher heels.

Also, if you absolutely can’t get enough of this trend, try some painterly nail art. How cute is this mani, from Nails and Noms? It’s the perfect finishing touch for anyone who’s ever called themselves “the next Monet”.

Find the tutorial at Chalkboard Nails

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